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Christmas Memories

For me, Christmas inspires many memories.  It reminds me of my childhood, it reminds me of the changes through the years, and it reminds me of my mom, who was a big Christmas fan.  I was the one who was given all the old family decorations because of the simple fact that I’m the only one who really cares about Christmas anymore.  I’ve  been lugging several boxes worth of Christmas memories from apartment to apartment since I moved back from the UK.

My favorite objects of memory are the tree ornaments.  I can remember which ones were gifts, which ones I bought myself over the years and where, which ones are relics of childhood.  I’m going to share a few with you right now.

This is probably the oldest ornament I have.  It was my mom’s when she was a little girl and was likely obtained sometime in the earlier 1950’s.

These two were my favorite ornaments in childhood.  The Rudolph was made by my mom from felt and sequins and other stuff, I think from a kit.  The swing hangs from a long thread and was always the most carefully placed ornament on the tree because it needed an especially big gap.

This was one of the first gifts I bought for my mom with my own money and my own choice.  I was so excited and proud to be giving her something I thought was so beautiful.


Here are three ornaments that we got this year.  You can see my affinity for cats (in spite of an unfortunate allergy) and dogs.  And the cat mask with the music notes is a particularly fabulous combination.

Do any of you have holiday decorations that help you hold onto memories you care about?

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